I once asked this HipHop, program director why he thought Dilated Peoples were wack. His response was that “People Under the Stairs are dope!”
I remember agreeing, but asking again why he didn’t like Dilated. He said PUTS have been doing it for just as long.
This is how I sometimes feel when people complain about #BlackLivesMatter
If I ask what they don’t like about it, they often tell me #AllLiveMatter.
Facts! But what’s wrong with #blacklivesmatter?
Another common response is that “all races are equal so why do people think black lives matter more?”

People really let their emotions run wild man. Trying as hard as possible to change the meaning. As if it is “anti-police” or “anti-white.” But if it’s anti anything it’s “anti-police brutality.”
Plenty of people are being killed in what seems to be terrible “policing.” But the overwhelming majority that are caught on video are black men. So when a cop kills an unarmed man for selling loosies or reaching for his ID at the officers request, Americans get rightfully upset. And when those officers aren’t punished for it, there is an uproar. As there should be. It’s on fuckin camera and they still get let off the hook with paid leave or treated like heros sometimes.

The bottom line is Shit sucks right now… And the last thing we need is a bunch of ass holes who think all BLM are racist and violent, all cops are corrupt, all Muslims are terrorists, all Christians are KKK.. the list goes on and on…

So here are a few random statement I think you should know:
People are not killing police officers just because of black lives matter.
The media shows what makes them money not what they think is right.
And Not all cops are bad just like not all the black men’s death by the hands of police are justified.
You sound like a dumb fuck blaming Obama for EVERYthing.
And guess what, just cause you found out what a false flag is last year doesn’t mean every fucking mass murder is fake.

We can do this for days but honestly I don’t feel many minds are changed through Facebook posts.. But I had to say this shit. It’s too hard to read these bullshit posts where people are attacking another group for doing the same shit they, themselves are doing with that very post.

When I see someone at my job bullshitting or fuckin up, I call them on it. And if lives depended on their work you better believe I’ll be on their heads about it. So I expect more police to be on those garbage ass pigs who are the real root of this current situation. Until things get a little better.

People should be minimizing the negativity when approached by police no mater the situation cause the bottom line is tensions are high and anything can happen. Don’t be an idiot and think because you’re being harassed or profiled you should do everything in your power to worsen the situation. Get home safe… And alive then do what’s needed to bring that situation to light and make a real change.

Take the ego out and see how your actions progress… This is a freakin blog post so before agreeing or attacking me for my opinion ask questions… You might find that even if you took my words the wrong way, we agree on shit.