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Today I’m talking with my friend Keoni Payton aka PainKillers. The creative mind behind the popular clothing, lifestyle brand Farmers Market Hawaii and Broken Hardend.
Keoni had much to say about his upbringing, time in prison and how it shaped his life in a positive way. Keoni has an extraordinary knack for turning negative situations into something amazing. I do apologize for the sound quality of this episode. I was having some issues with my recording device but thankfully I was able to save this great discussion we had despite the noise issues.

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01:54 – Guest Introduction

03:40 – Where it started

08:10 – Graffiti

18:15 – Hawaii’s influence on popular brands

22:55 – Prison: How it affected Keoni’s creativity and progress

26:45 – Pushing weight: What you learn in the drug game can be used in sales and fashion

27:35 – Resale Game Strong: Hats reselling from $300 to $1200

31:10 – Humility: Making more out of lesser means

39:30 – Quality over quantity: when numbers are relative to the bigger picture

41:05 – Your Public Image: Being authentic

51:40 – Staying ahead of the curve: If you’re too far ahead of your time you might as well be behind.

59:15 – Worklife balance: Personal relationships can fall to the waistside

01:02:55 – Success turned failure or failure turned success: Time is an investment, be ready to cut your losses.

01:06:20 – Collaborating: What makes you work with someone

01:14:03 – How do you ensure execution: Hold yourself accountable

01:15:26- Top 3 (Do, Don’t & Must Have):

Do: Say nice things about people.

Don’t: Get caught up in gossip.

Must Have: Ambition. It will get you whatever you want and need.

01:17:18 – Words to live by: “If you really believe it’s going to happen it will fuckin happen.”

01:21:10 – Black Friday 2016 Drop: Finally an Aloha Shirt

01:21:52 – Guest contact and projects:

-Best way to contact Keoni Painkillers Payton is via Instgram @PainKillers |

-All social media platforms = @PainKillers | @FarmersMarketHawaii

Other key points:

-Hell Yes or No. (Derrick Sivers) When considering investing your time on something, be sure that you are 100% all in or don’t do it.

-Don’t take anything personal.


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