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Today my guest is JustUs Samuel from Respect the Underground. He’s been a name and brand in the Arizona Hip-Hop scene for over a decade, but over the past few years shifted his focus more onto the event production side of things. He’s now preparing for the 3rd annual Arizona Hip-Hop Festival. An indoor/Outdoor event covering the span of 4 city blocks. and he’s doing it on November 19th which has been officially declared by the Mayor as Phoenix’s Hip-Hop day.

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01:35 – Guest Introduction

02:18 – Cut Throat Logic, over 15 years in the game

03:45 – Signing to Rawkus Records

06:16 – Underground Railroad 4.0

07:25 – Artists Throwing your own shows

09:04 – Pulling all resources for a “special event”

11:25 – Promo and Hustle must be 2nd nature

12:26 – Be a Jack of All Trades because…

16:50 – AZ HipHop Fest, F! the politics

23:38 – Live Nation

24:40 – Data is Everything

25:52 – Partnering with Master P

30:15 – Official Proclamation: Phoenix Hip-Hop Day

35:00 – Daily Routines/Life Hacks: Early morning exercise, Coffee, Meditation & Motivational talks from YouTube

** Watch/Listen to a couple motivational links that JustUs listens to while running up a mountain every morning **

** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb7flHhp3KY

** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0FFNcIYZMI

38:25 – Balancing Music and Family: Blessed with support of your family allows success

39:20 – Daily Obstacles: Exercising the Power of the Mind

41:20 – always “When” NOT “if”

42:30 – If you don’t “fit it” create your own path

43:25 – Actually present your ideas rather than just complaining

45:00 – Critics are promotional billboards

46:00 – Failure turned success: Newspaper projecting negative energy towards you. Let it motivate you

49:00 – Gyro Pizza in Tempe ?!?

49:55 – Rules before collaborations: Energy and Intuition/Do not get distracted

54:36 – Top 3 (Do, Don’t & Must Have):

Do: Your best! No regrets

Don’t: Be a bullshitter

Must Have: a book to write down your goals, to dos, manifestations etc.

58:57 – “Dreams without practical application are merely day dreams”

59:18 – A book or movie recommendation: The Alchemist – FREE Audiobook Link: https://youtu.be/02X4TD6tMSk

1:01:50 – Surround yourself with people who help you progress as a human

1:02:29 – Words to live by: Speak and Act “it” into existance

1:03:00 – Speak and Think with affirmations

1:05:25 – Focus on what you want NOT what you don’t want

1:06:22 – Are you actually working your hardest?

1:08:16 – Guest contact and projects: Go to RespectTheUnderground.com and register

-Get 2 FREE tickets to the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival by contacting RespectTheUnderground at the following link: www.respecttheunderground.com/contact-us **Just mention The “Status Escalate Podcast”**

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RespectTheUnderground

Twitter: www.twitter.com/R_T_Underground

Instagram: www.instagram.com/respect_the_underground


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