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Today my guest is John Fuentes also known as Sabac Red of the legendary Hip-Hop group, Non-Phixion. Aside from an MC Sabac is a Husband, Father community activist and more. He also works with the Oakland city youth overseeing grants and programs geared towards developing positive young adults. We’ll talk a bit about how he got into social activism by building with many celebrities before the fame as well as his time working with MC Search and more. And of course a strong Q&A segment.
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1:16 – Guest Introduction
3:08 – Non-Phixion 20 plus years
5:00 – Connecting with MC Search
7:15 – Listening to unreleased Nas’ Illmatic
11:00 – Trying to battle Bud Bundy
13:55 – Where it all started: City Kids Foundation in New York
22:18 – Acting with friend Dash Mihok
23:55 – Discussions that lead to progress
26:18 – Malik Yoba encouraging Sabac as a young adult
28:11 – Overseeing federal/state funding and class curriculums in the Bay Area
30:10 – “What You Gonna Do About Hate” Music Video with Malik Yoba, Donald Fasion and more.
30:40 – Daily Routine
31:21 – Working with amazing people
34:14 – How Artists and Educators are similar
35:45 – Balancing Day Job, Family and Music
37:15 – Wanna-be Journalists
38:38 – New EP out 2017
39:30 – Music related streams of income
41:04 – Appreciating Travel and experiencing cultures
30:40 – Daily Routines
45:08 – Work/Life Balance: Prioritize and Respect your value
47:15 – Where did you see yourself at this point?
49:25 – Life Hacks: Results of O.C.D.
52:30 – Failure turned Success: A failed relationship is opportunity for a better relationship
54:58 – Ensuring action and execution: Planning
59:08 – Rules for collaboration and partnerships: Must align with your own vision
1:03:30 – Book, Movie or Reading suggestion: “Finding Joseph” Bad Brains Documentary:, The Book:
1:05:04 – Top 3
-Do Smile
-Don’t Text and Drive
-Must have Sleep (and a fresh pair of Jordans)
1:09:52 – Words to live by: “Sharing is daring and I dare you to continue to share.”
1:11:08 – Contact Sabac Red: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @SabacRed. Look out for 2017 album with Snowgoons. Download Non-Phixion and Sabac Red music on iTunes.

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