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——- Lyrics ——-
Someone told me it’s a beautiful struggle.
We’re stuck in that chain in the same thing, dodging the bang, bang and the law.
The streets sweep, like swap meets, they’re hemming ’em up
Or get broke by a thug’s gun smoke in the park.
The streets speak, I listen and talk back. Watch where the killers attack. You better be ready to react
My eyes open when I’m sleeping for snakes creeping
My circle is tight. Fam keeps a close eye peeping
My focus to stack’s got enemies in uproars. They’re coming full force and if you don’t ride with us then up yours
I used to mob blocks killing the streets,
While eses who passed probably passed heat while they’re looking for me so you’re gassed.
Thinking that I’m tripping off rappers who jack raps when I’m from where real dogs and rippers’ll blast gats.
I’m not a murderer or banging but I murder bangers.
Cali hood hangers. Raw spitters, Fresh State! Who wants war with us!?!