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——- Lyrics ——-
I keep a streak at my hip. Brass knuckles for suckas who talk shit.
No beef, but the 13s always looking for shit.
So I stick to the script. Ghost in the dark, me and my thoughts.
Never rock the ipod, I’m listening for the cops.
Black trim with a tilted brim, hood, rag and ball shaking,
the smell of aerosol. Ground breaking.
I step swift. The silent assassin about to kill it.
Hear the shriek of glass, sidewalk covered in black acrylic. You hear it?
Cops coming finish up what I wrote.
The police lights approach, I disappear into a cloud of smoke.
Bomb the government, the media’s loving it too, next level.
I’ma be the next Turk182.
Los Angeles bred, the seventh letter native.
My brother’s the artist, I’m a product of what he created.
Never stated my alias, that’s a need to know basis.
Far as you know, Kahlee is Chaka rockin’ a face-lift.