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From the song “Hands High” Featuring Rakaa (Dilated Peoples) & Uptown Swuite (The Seed)
Get the song at: https://kahlee310.bandcamp.com/track/hands-high

— Lyrics —
Catch me sipping on a cranberry vodka, the show stopper.
Bringing it back, back to Cali. Big Poppa.
The Seed Rakaa, Dilated expansion.
Violate and we smashing. Lights, Camera, Action. Hands High!
I figured you’re feeling them real spitters.
If it ain’t a show we’re in your headphones. You’re still with us
Kahlee’s making your adrenaline pump.
Middle finger to you fakers and punks. We keeping it live from the jump. Liven it up.
Why you looking so pissed.
We on the grind, on the climb, sunshine, Californian shit.
Watch me add it to the ballet. A beast of a beat.
Automatic weapon fire. Blasting leaving holes in the street.
Sasquatch feet. You know when we’re coming a stampede. How we got the crowd rockin and moving their damn feet. It’s the Seed!
The man of many hats’ back and my team’s strong.
You fiending for some real hip-hop? This your theme song.