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From the song “When the Lights Go Down” off of “The Seed LP” ft. Torae: Download from iTunes

— Lyrics —
We’re a nation of hard hustlers. Sun up to sun down. From the 9-5 to the blvd serving customers.
Whatever the grind. Any given time, man we taking it. If it’s dough to be made, night or day then we’re taking it.
That old cat, shoe bottoms bottle capped. Dancing front the liquor store for ya for a king cobra.
Half naked hoes, mobbing corners in them open toes. Checking for them scam artists pulling okie dokes.
Jackin’ suckas for a buck and some change. Pumping the devil through their veins. Either it’s hell or we stuck in these chains.
The clock ticks, heart beat kicks, the sound of the beat.
It’s similar to gun shots in the street. Some stay puffin’ the weed. They say it’s to keep sane, while others turn to the bottle pouring life down the drain.
For me when the lights go down, my mind starts moving with visions of success so I gotta keep doing it.