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From the song “City of Angels” off of the Literates Unspoken EP.
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— Lyrics —
I should’ve been born with a blunt attached to my mouth, just off the 110 south, city of Green. Get the cream ad be out.
Pops taught me how to hustle, told me “Tommy never open your mouth.” So unspoken what your boy been about.
Backpack zipped, equipped, 12 ounces of soul. Crack back a quick fifth, vodka, redbull.
I’m only rolling with a clit tight clan. It’s either me and man or 30 other brothers reppin’ a band.
Kahlee never was the type to pretend. I’ll tell you straight to your face that you ain’t shit, then I’ll spit in your hand.
Have you exit in a coroners van. Don’t ever step to me homie, if you ain’t ready to war with a veteran.
Been in it for years spittin’ on the grind for a minute. On a chase for the papes waiting on the day I’m a get it.
See me on top. Lavish with the life that I’m living. Never given a second thought so I took it ad stayed driven.