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— Lyrics —
My team’s a grip of beasts who make you grip your piece like pistol Pete.. Walk in who’s shoes these sneakers couldn’t fit your feet.
We go to work like when the whistle screech. In the midst of speech, spit the streets homie. My pen and ink rips the sheets.
I figured you’d figure you’re better, better not say, another word. In other words your lies’ll get your spot sprayed.
Nah… I ain’t a killer I’m a community pillar. Usually iller. I’ll spit a verse beating my chest a gorilla.
I’m King Kong, snap your neck like a bowl in a bong. No one hears what you said on the mic cause you’re holding it wrong.
Cuffin’ it like sacks when you’re slurping that’s good practice how you doming up them rappers that you jock in the circuit.
You’re a clown in the circus. My acrobatic sentence and contingence a locomotive engine packing coal in the furnace.
This a finger nail to the surface bitch you don’t wanna mambo.
I keep my fucks in the safe but tossed the note with the combo.