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From the song “I’m Just Sayin'” by Sabotawj x Digital Martyrs ft. Ric Scales, Mikial, Uptown Swuite, Kahlee
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— Lyrics —
-Hustle juggler, machete, apples, bowling pins
Go for the jugular, spaghetti, grapple, holy hymns
-Who ready after any aftermath or consequence of friends
Turning backs for alternative facts, is act of terrorist
-Indiana Jones, ceptor of gold
Grab the mic like a grenade pull the pin like the sword in the stone
-Camo face paint, commando, man fuck your rap handle
And your limp noodle hand shake you get dismantled
-I need to make space on my mantle, fuck a grammy
It’s pictures of my family and a candle
-spark one for the folks that we lost flame to the tip, I need some maintenance a tune up or DMT trip. Get a grip
-when the weight on the world on my shoulders killin me I tight rope walk the line of ego and humility
You got it twist like ain’t No instrumentals exist. Stop the pay to play and rappin over vocals or quit