#BarsWeekly is a weekly rap video series by Kahlee & Muds that will run the entirety of 2017.

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From the song “God vs. Religion” download here” https://kahlee310.bandcamp.com/track/…

My Philosophy is question what you’re taught, follow what you thought, always keep an open mind and never be bought.
I feel the Bible’s guidelines to heavenly gates locked and living right’s the combination to get into the spot.
The Basics’ Before Leaving’ I’m far from a heathen. Blessed with opportunities from the one I believe in.
The name’s irrelevant. Relationship is personal between us. To me it doesn’t matter if it’s Muhammad or Jesus, or in a church, mosque or temple.
The idea’s simple. A lot happens for a reason, learn to recognize the symbols.
The signs, it’s consignment, the stars in alignment. Gotta pay for what you owe, take advantage of the flow.
Either law of attraction and focus, or it’s prayer you’re putting faith in a power not physically there.
But to believe in nothing’s ignorant, the highest degree. Who breeds vigilance adapt to the scene.