#BarsWeekly is a weekly rap video series by Kahlee & Muds that will run the entirety of 2017.

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I came with them raw bars. BBQ with Main Source.
Yall can keep them wack raps the real Hip-Hop’s ours.
I remember putting tape on them tape tops while I’m pressing record, but nowadays it’s a lot of fast forward.
This a crash course. Give em what they ask for. BARS.
My team’s in army fatigues, face covered in camouflage.
While a lot of sucka rappers biting styles think they hard
Call em School Kid Q or Pretendrick Lamar
You’re probably thinking I’m a target I’m not
I’m the arrow splitting the first bullseye that was shot.
Blazing Pac. Thug immortal with an empty can of ash
picking bullets out my budda like seeds in a stress sack
Dog I’m back, they wasn’t ready. Kevin Hart with a joke
Now they’re tripping like I’m Stone Cold when the glass broke.
Super ugly. Hov’ got em, he ain’t even use a whole bar
With me? 1 letter leave you gone like you’re Solar.