#BarsWeekly is a weekly rap video series by Kahlee & Muds that will run the entirety of 2017.

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I’ma separate the men from the boys and the real from the fraudulent fakes.
My 3rd eye’s locked watching these snakes. I learned guys wanna watch you mistakes like, “it’s all love.” But the powerful are threatened by outsides coming up.
I’m trying to build Bridge gaps, understand that fact. but try test, I’ll be the first to attack. Any rap I rip will knock your quarter back at least 10 yards back. Man I hope you got your chin strap snapped. I’ll leave your facemask cracked.
So check the temperature of beef ‘fore you start. I’m raw like snuf flicks with chicks on milk cartons.
Your sound is watered down. You s’posed to be running towns?
White towel after just one round. We still holding the crown.
At high speeds if you can follow our lead. Stand tall at the front lines and charge like a stampede. Full steam forth, first be sure if you want war, or get eliminated asking yourself what you fought for.