I once asked this HipHop, program director why he thought Dilated Peoples were wack. His response was that “People Under the Stairs are dope!”
I remember agreeing, but asking again why he didn’t like Dilated. He said PUTS have been doing it for just as long.
This is how I sometimes feel when people complain about #BlackLivesMatter
If I ask what they don’t like about it, they often tell me #AllLiveMatter.
Facts! But what’s wrong with #blacklivesmatter?
Another common response is that “all races are equal so why do people think black lives matter more?”

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The Seed – Fight (Official Video) from the Motion Picture “The Challenger”

‘Fight’ is an original song from the award-winning motion picture THE CHALLENGER (https://goo.gl/KSbjac), starring Kent Moran (https://goo.gl/yHEbkm), Academy Award® Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (https://goo.gl/oD97NA), Golden Globe Winner S. Epatha Merkerson (https://goo.gl/EWambC) and Justin Hartley (https://goo.gl/NYxzxd).

Interview & Premiere on Get Up On This Podcast

What is normally Hosts, Jensen Karp and Mathew Robinson speaking on the latest entertainment, trends or technology with a special guest has turned into what the Bunheads (nickname for fans of the podcast) call #BeefSeason .

In a nutshell,a collection of rappers who contribute intro songs to the show started dissing each other and I eventually sent a warning shot which can be heard on the show or at the following link Kahlee – Get Up On This Dick
Check out this episode of Get Up On This and let me know what you think about the whole ordeal and how my addition to this “beef” held up.